Finance App • UX/UI Design 


Client: Ventilo

Duration: 5 months

Tools: Figma, Illustrator, Slack

Team: CEO, Developer, and myself

Role: Product Designer


User Research


User Persona

Competitive Analysis


User Flow





Ventilo App

Ventilo App, a dynamic mobile payment solution, empowers users to seamlessly transfer funds through an intuitive mobile application. Beyond basic transactions, users can efficiently manage their finances and even explore hassle-free loan options.


Project Summary

This case study revolves around a comprehensive User Experience (UX) design project aimed at improving the usability, efficiency, and overall satisfaction of a finance application that offers loan management services. The project entails a designer, engineer and a stakeholder working collaboratively over a period of five months to enhance the user journey for taking out loans and managing financial transactions within the app.

UX Strategy


User Research

Conducted SWOT analysis, online surveys, competitive analysis, user flows and user persona to assess mobile features and user needs.

Brand Identity

Created the color schemes for the mobile app to determine the look and feel of the mobile app.  

Low-fidelity Wireframes

Designed the  the information architecture of the mobile app by organizing the content. 

High-fidelity Wireframes

Designed the user interface by combining the brand identity and content to create a visually engaging app.


Created animated effects and pieced together the final mockup of the mobile app.

User Testing

Displayed app to users and reviewed feedback. Synthesized any design flaw or correction that was needed.  

UX Research

Utilizing the SWOT analysis framework, I meticulously evaluated Ventilo’s competitive standing against three key players in the digital payments arena: Zelle, Western Union, and Stripes. This comprehensive assessment delved into the internal and external factors influencing each platform, illuminating valuable insights for Ventilo’s strategic positioning.

Building upon insights gleaned from the SWOT analysis and recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of major payment platforms, the focus shifted to crafting Ventilo App’s feature set. This process was meticulously curated to cater to user engagement while mitigating identified weaknesses.

Feature Synthesis from SWOT Analysis:

Identified standout features contributing to user engagement across competitors.
Isolated weaknesses to address within Ventilo’s design and functionality.

User Survey for Feature Prioritization:

Engaged 32 individuals through Google Surveys to gauge preferences and priorities.
Prioritized app features aligned with the identified user needs and desires.
Resultant Product Features for Ventilo App:

Enhanced Security Measures:

Addressing perceived vulnerabilities from competitor weaknesses.

Streamlined International Transactions:

Mitigating limitations noted in certain competitor offerings.

Seamless Integration with Major Banks:

Leveraging the strengths identified in leading platforms

Intuitive User Interface and Experience:

Derived from user feedback to prioritize ease of use and navigation.

Flexible and Transparent Fee Structures:

Addressing concerns regarding transaction fees from competitor analysis.

This meticulous process of feature curation, derived from both competitive analysis and direct user input, culminated in a feature-rich Ventilo App tailored to meet user needs and surpass competitor offerings.

User-Driven Feature Prioritization:

The survey conducted with 32 participants yielded valuable insights, reflecting user preferences and priorities for Ventilo App’s feature set. Here’s a breakdown of the findings and the subsequent prioritization:

  • 1. Payment (83.3% Preference):

    • The overwhelming majority expressed a strong desire for a seamless and efficient payment feature, affirming its status as the top priority.
  • 2. Loan Management (71.4% Preference):

    • A substantial portion of users emphasized the importance of a clear and user-friendly loan management interface, securing its place as the second prioritized feature.
  • 3. Social Connections (90.9% Preference):

    • An impressive 90.9% of users expressed a keen interest in a social messaging feature, emphasizing the significance of social connections within the app.
  • 4. Security (100% Preference):

    • Unanimously, all participants prioritized robust security measures during transactions, establishing it as a foundational aspect across all features.

Resultant Feature Prioritization:

  1. Payment: Meeting the predominant user demand for seamless fund transfers.
  2. Loan Management: Addressing the need for transparent and user-friendly loan tracking.
  3. Social Connections: Enhancing user engagement through social messaging capabilities.
  4. Security: Prioritizing user trust with robust security measures in all transactions.

This user-centric prioritization ensures that Ventilo App aligns closely with user expectations, delivering a well-balanced and highly desired feature set.


User Persona

Mark, a 25-year-old professional immersed in the corporate world, is on a financial journey that extends beyond his 9-to-5 routine. Occasional investments in stocks, with platforms like Robinhood, reflect his inclination towards financial growth and exploration. Recently embracing Ventilo, Mark seeks a holistic financial management experience tailored to his dynamic lifestyle.


Mark’s financial ethos is rooted in being budget-conscious while indulging in life’s pleasures. From savoring dining experiences to exploring the latest in shopping, concerts, and travels, he values a balanced approach to spending.


1. Expense Tracking: Mark is in search of an app that effortlessly tracks his spending across various lifestyle categories, providing insights into his financial patterns.

2. Financial Flexibility: Beyond mere tracking, Mark desires a financial companion that caters to his need for flexibility. Ventilo should seamless accomodate his occasional necessity to take out a small loan. 

3. Social Finances: Recognizing the importance of connections, Mark looks for an app that facilitates easy and secure payments to friends and family, fostering financial interactions with his social circle. 

Aspirations: Mark aspires to navigate his financial landscape with confidence, leveraging Ventilo as a tool that not only manages his finances but also aligns with his dynamic lifestyle. This detailed persona serves as a guiding compass, ensuring that Ventilo App resonates with Mark’s aspiration, preferences and financial needs. 

Competitive Analysis

To strategically position Ventilo App within the digital payments landscape, a meticulous competitive analysis was conducted. This process aimed not only to organize app features but also to discern the landscape of features present and absent among key competitors.

Key Steps in Competitive Analysis:

  • Feature Mapping: Systematically organized the myriad features offered by Ventilo and its competitors, creating a comprehensive feature map.

  • Identifying Feature Presence: Discerned which features are currently present in Ventilo App and its counterparts, establishing a baseline for comparison.

  • Pinpointing Feature Absence: Highlighted features absent in Ventilo but present in competitors, unveiling potential areas for innovation and differentiation.

Strategic Insights Derived:

  • Feature Alignment: Identified features where Ventilo aligns with industry standards, ensuring a competitive baseline.

  • Innovation Opportunities: Pinpointed areas where competitors excel, offering valuable insights for future iterations and innovation within Ventilo App.

  • Unique Value Proposition: Utilized the analysis to craft a unique value proposition by addressing gaps and introducing distinctive features that resonate with user needs.

This comprehensive competitive analysis serves as a strategic roadmap, guiding feature development and positioning Ventilo App as a dynamic player in the digital payments arena.

User Flow

I’ve outlined the sign up and login form using common onboarding patterns found finance apps. 

Ventilo App’s main feed is thoughtfully organized into five distinct categories, each serving a unique purpose within the user’s financial journey:

Home: The central hub offering an overview of key financial activities, providing users with a quick glance at their financial landscape.

Cash Management: A dedicated space for users to monitor and optimize their cash flow, offering insights into spending patterns and budget management.

Contact List: Seamlessly integrated with the user’s phone contacts, this feature facilitates easy connections with friends and family within the app.

Message: Empowering users with direct communication, the messaging feature enables conversations with other users, fostering a sense of community and convenience.

Profile: A personalized space for users to manage account settings, preferences, and view a comprehensive snapshot of their financial activity.

Interactive Features:

  • Message Interactions: Users can view messages from other app users and engage with them through likes, creating an interactive and engaging social element.

  • Loans On-The-Go: Ventilo App streamlines financial accessibility by allowing users to take out loans directly within the app, ensuring financial flexibility.

  • Contact Sync and Messaging: The contact list effortlessly syncs with the user’s phone contacts, enhancing connectivity. Users can send messages directly to other users within the app for convenient communication.

  • QR Code Payments: A user-friendly feature allowing seamless transactions. Users can scan QR codes to locate usernames and execute payments with ease.

This carefully crafted main feed and its interactive features are designed to not only streamline financial management but also enhance user engagement and connectivity within the Ventilo App ecosystem.


The deliberate choice of a blue and purple color combination for Ventilo App emerged from meticulous branding research, tapping into the psychology of colors to convey a specific message and evoke desired emotions.

Psychological Impact of Blue: The color “blue” carries a rich symbolism, often associated with trust, stability, and dependability. Its prevalence in wealth firms, investment entities, insurance, credit unions, and banking institutions underscores its ability to instill confidence and a sense of security in users.

Harmonizing with Purple: Complementing the grounding effect of blue, purple introduces a touch of sophistication and creativity to the palette. This blend not only aligns with established financial norms but also signals a forward-thinking and innovative approach within the financial technology sector.

Brand Identity Through Color: The combination of blue and purple for Ventilo App not only aligns with industry standards but also serves as a strategic tool to establish a strong brand identity. It fosters a visual connection with users, subtly communicating trustworthiness, innovation, and a user-centric approach.

In essence, the color palette is more than a visual choice; it’s a strategic decision aimed at creating a brand identity that resonates with users in the financial landscape.

Low Fidelity Wireframes

I’ve transferred by sketches and created a low-fidelity wireframe to outline the general structure and placement of features and interactions. 

Usability Test

A pivotal phase in Ventilo App’s development involved hands-on user testing sessions with a diverse group of participants. This iterative process allowed for the collection of valuable feedback, uncovering nuances in user interactions and perceptions.

Key Aspects of User Testing:

  • Diverse Participant Pool: Engaged with a cross-section of users to ensure a representative spectrum of perspectives, enriching the testing process with diverse insights.

  • Real-world Scenario Simulations: Designed user scenarios mirroring real-world situations, fostering authentic interactions to gauge usability and effectiveness.

  • Observation and Interaction Analysis: Actively observed participants navigating through the app, analyzing their interactions to identify pain points, preferences, and areas of delight.

Affinity Map Synthesis:

The culmination of these user testing sessions was the synthesis of feedback through a dynamic affinity map. This visual representation allowed for the clustering of similar insights, revealing emergent patterns and overarching themes.

Insights Derived:

  • Usability Enhancements: Identified specific areas where users faced challenges, paving the way for targeted usability enhancements to refine the overall user experience.

  • Feature Optimization: Uncovered preferences and expectations related to features, guiding the optimization of existing functionalities to better align with user needs.

  • Positive Affirmations: Highlighted positive feedback and areas where users expressed satisfaction, affirming successful design choices and functionalities.

This user-centric approach, combining testing with insightful feedback synthesis, forms the bedrock of Ventilo App’s refinement journey. The iterative nature of this process ensures an evolving and user-friendly digital financial experience.


The redesign of Ventilo, a fintech app, played a pivotal role in a substantial 40% increase in user retention within the initial quarter post-implementation, as evidenced by comprehensive user analytics.

Key Impact Points:

  • Enhanced User Engagement: The redesigned features and interface contributed significantly to the noteworthy increase in user engagement, fostering a more immersive and enjoyable experience.

  • Improved User Satisfaction: Insights from user analytics indicated heightened satisfaction levels, reflecting the positive impact of the redesign on the overall user experience.

  • Streamlined User Journeys: The redesign facilitated more intuitive and streamlined user journeys, reducing friction points and enhancing the app’s usability.

This redesign, driven by user-centric principles, has proven to be a catalyst for a remarkable 40% increase in user retention, laying a solid foundation for continued growth and success.

High Fidelity Wirefame

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