Finance App • UX/UI Design • Duration: 5 month


Ventilo App

A mobile payment service that allows users to transfer funds to others via mobile app. A user can manage their funds and take out loans.



UX/UI Design

I worked with the client and developer on researching, designing, and prototyping the user interface 

UX Strategy


User Research

Conducted SWOT analysis, online surveys, competitive analysis, user flows and user persona to assess mobile features and user needs.

Brand Identity

Created the color schemes for the mobile app to determine the look and feel of the mobile app.  

Low-fidelity Wireframes

Designed the  the information architecture of the mobile app by organizing the content. 

High-fidelity Wireframes

Designed the user interface by combining the brand identity and content to create a visually engaging app.


Created animated effects and pieced together the final mockup of the mobile app.

User Testing

Displayed app to users and reviewed feedback. Synthesized any design flaw or correction that was needed.  

UX Research

SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis is a framework used to evaluate a company’s competitive position. SWOT analysis assesses internal and external factors, as well as current and future potential. I conducted a SWOT analysis for Ventilo’s three main digital payments competitors Zelle, Western Union, and Stripes. 

After conducting the SWOT analysis of the major payment sites, I was able to determine key features that contributed to user engagements as well as weak points. I’ve organized the information in a come I’ve proceeded to confirm product features that would be included in Ventilo App. I’ve surveyed 32 people using Google Surveys and prioritize app features based on user needs. 

Based from the survey, 83.3% of percipients was in favor of a feature that allows users to send and receive payment. About 71.4% of users would like a loan management interface and 90.9% of users would like to have a social messaging feature. When asked about security, all participants preferred a strong security during transactions. I prioritized the features from most important to least important based on the percentages:

1. Payment

2. Loan Management

3. Social Connections

4. Security


A competitive analysis was used to organize the app features and pinpoint which features are present and absent. 

I’ve outlined the sign up and login form using common onboarding patterns found finance apps. 

The main feed is separated by five categorizes: home, cash management, contact list, message, and profile. Users are able to view messages by other users and interact with them by likes. They can also take out loans directly from the app. The contact list can be synced with user’s contact list from their Phone. Users can send messages directly to other users in the app for convenience. They can also scan QR code to locate their username ID and send payments.


Combination of blue and purple was chosen after branding research on the psychology of colors. The color “blue” is found in many wealth firms, investment firms, insurance, credit unions, and banking. 

User Persona

Mark is a 25 year old who works full time at a corporate company. Mark invests occasionally. He uses finances apps such as Robinhood to invest in stocks. Recently, he download Ventilo to manage his finances.


Is budget conscious and spends money on dining, shopping and outdoor outlets such as concerts and travels.  


Looking for an app to keep track of spending. Mark is also needs an app that allows him to take out a small loans and send payments to friends and family. 

Low Fidelity Wireframes

I’ve transferred by sketches and created a low-fidelity wireframe to outline the general structure and placement of features and interactions. 

Usability Test

I’ve conducted user tests with five participants and synthesized the feedback in an affinity map.

High Fidelity Wirefame

Adobe XD Mockup

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