Hello. My name is Alice Chong

I’m a UX Designer

I’m a NJ and NYC based UX Designer who has a passion for human-centered designs



Product Design | Branding | UX/UI Design 

Mirage is a social platform that allows photographers to connect with friends, create and share stunning photos.




The Design Lab • UX/UI Design 

Amazon is an existing e-commerce app and is one of the world’s largest online retailer. 


Product Design | UX/UI Design 

CheaprEats is an online ordering platform that bring affordable food options to university students all over Canada.


Product Design | UX/UI Design | Branding

CollabChat is a edtech mobile application.  Its goal is to encourage students by providing a user-friendly experience of completing assignments.


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Contributing Writer

I write and publish articles on UX and UI methodologies. I have written for:

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